Magic Boxing Coach & Mentor, Olympic boxer, Paul Miller offers unique boxing technique and conditioning - incorporating non-contact boxing drills, footwork, strength exercises and breath-work.


Magic Boxers will IMPROVE: reaction time, agility, coordination, focus, balance, general athleticism AND overall well-being.

You’ll become tougher—both mentally and physically. Positive encouragement only. Building confidence, concentration, and happiness.

Beginner or experienced boxer - there’s always something to learn. Classes change regularly and are designed for everyone (17-70+ years)

In both Youth and Adult classes, respect is key. Respect for SELF: our abilities and potential for growth; and Respect for each other.


The Trainer

Paul “Magic” Miller is a 6x Australian National Boxing Champion, compiling an amateur record of 91 wins from 110 bouts. Paul won multiple international tournament gold medals, including gold at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games. A Sydney 2000 Olympian, Paul turned professional in 2003. Paul retired with an undefeated record from 9 bouts. Paul is a writer - of both fiction and screenplays. After living in Los Angeles for almost a decade, training many high profile clients, Paul and his wife, Daisy, and their four children, returned to Brisbane to establish Magic Boxing. Paul has over twenty-five years experience as a boxing instructor, trainer and mentor. Through Magic Boxing, Paul shares his skills and passion for health and fitness. Paul loves to be up-to-date on the latest in training and fitness research, and he holds himself to the highest standards to deliver innovative and enjoyable classes.

The Magic Studio

The Magic Studio is one of a kind. A state of the art multi-purpose fitness space - over 150 square metres. Our carefully considered design includes: pro-grade, impact absorbing, non-slip flooring; a custom-built ‘boxing wall’; integrated sound system; climate control; air-purification, and an abundance of natural light. Never a dull moment with our boxing wall, target banners, resistance bands, gymnastics rings, pull up bars and medicine balls. Ascot Aquatics Centre also features a state of the art Hydrotherapy pool with a Cold-Immersion Pool. Many Magic Boxers opt for the cold-plunge after their class - yet another thing that makes Magic Boxing unique and empowering.


Magic Boxing

Our Magic Boxing workout is a 50-minute 12-round workout with a focus on strength and conditioning, using non-contact boxing drills for coordination, balance, fitness, improved cognitive function and reaction times. Agility of Body & Mind! Classes are safe, friendly, fun and challenging. All welcome.

Youth Magic Boxing

Our Youth Magic Boxing offers an unmatched shot for boys and girls to develop body awareness and overall general fitness. Classes build concentration and confidence. At Magic Boxing nobody gets knocked down. Every participant is built up. Our focus is positivity. Every participant is praised, encouraged and acknowledged. Our Young Magicians will leave the gym knowing that they are great. A fantastic addition or alternative to team/ competitive sports. Age 12-16

Mini Magic Boxing

Our Mini Magic Boxing is fun! Delivered in a complete package that incorporates boxing fundamentals and core skills as well as Respect, Confidence, Determination, Concentration, and an always necessary portion of Fun. 8-11 years of age.




Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 16 to September 5, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're always here to help, here is a list of common questions about Magic Boxing

What’s 'magic' about Magic Boxing?

We deliver high level boxing technique, in a class format. We teach you the art and science of boxing, starting with footwork fundamentals. But Magic Boxing is much more than just a boxing class. Magic Boxing classes will challenge your body and mind. You will never simply hit a bag at Magic Boxing. We place an huge emphasis on strength and conditioning. Our goal is to have our clients feeling stronger, fitter, happier – moving like real fighters, with improved body awareness and reaction speed. ‘Magic’ is hard to explain, it’s about how it makes you feel! Fitness should be fun – we believe in positivity and personal growth.

What is Magic Youth Boxing?

Our Magic Youth Boxing classes are custom designed for younger participants, between 12 and 16 years of age (11years by invitation). Maybe your child is not interested in competitive sports? Or maybe they do other sports but want to gain an advantage? Magic Boxing aims to build kids up and make them feel good about themselves. Magic Boxing teaches respect and understanding of boxing as a complex sport. Classes increase confidence, coordination and overall strength and fitness. Youth Classes are challenging, exciting, and fun. (Term enrolment is encouraged)

What is Classic Magic Boxing?

“Classic” Seniors Strength & Fitness @ Magic Boxing is a class designed for our clients with more years of life experience… (over 55 years). General strength and conditioning, using non-contact boxing drills: Boxing improves your co-ordination, power, speed & reaction times, balance & posture, gait & mobility. Our mantra is ‘agility of body and mind’ – our classes keep your mind sharp and your body moving. Start your pugilistic career at 60. Start at 70. It’s never too late! Magic Boxing Classes are non-contact, safe, fun, friendly and challenging. Participants can work at their own pace. These workouts are tailored to members of the community, 55+. We will add these classes back on the schedule when there is enough interest. Wednesdays 9:30AM class can be made to fit beginners as well.

What on earth is Mini Magic Boxing?

8-11 years of age*. Non-stop fun while learning boxing basics. Have your little ones burn up mountains of energy and learn foundational coordination and fitness. Delivered in a complete package that incorporates Respect, Confidence, Determination, Concentration, and an always necessary portion fun. (Term enrolment) *Participants must be Year 2 at school or older

Do you offer private sessions?

Yes. Subject to his availability, you can train with Commonwealth Games gold medallist and Olympian, Paul Miller. Magic Boxing offers private sessions or private group sessions: $160/ hour for 1-3 people, $200/ hour for 4-10 people, $20/ person for groups of 11-20. These must be scheduled as a 4-6 week block. Contact us for more info regarding one-off corporate or youth mentoring sessions with Paul Miller.

Do you provide gloves?

Magic Boxing Gloves can be added to your next appointment for $85, or available at reception. Gloves and inners can be hired for $3 per class. We think you’ll get hooked on Magic Boxing classes, you’ll want your own gloves. Check out our Starter Pack which includes gloves, wraps, sweat towel and 2 x sessions for $125.

Do I need wraps?

Wraps are an optional part of your training equipment – they will help to protect your hands and absorb sweat within your gloves. Easily add Magic Boxing Wraps to your next class appointment for $15.

I’ve never boxed before. Is there a beginner class?

Every Magic Boxing class is suitable for people with boxing experience, or for the complete beginner. As we add classes to our schedule, Intermediate and Advanced level classes will be added. (Wednesdays tends to be a smaller class so there may be more opportunity for Coach’s attention on your basic skills).

Can parents train with the kids...?

We love the idea of parents training with their kids and we have seen great benefits of this idea. If you have a group of parents and children interested in training together, please contact us to arrange a series of classes. As parents, we need to set an example for our kids. Exercise and learning new skills should always be a part of our lives. Why do we drive our kids to after-school activities and then sit on the side-lines, looking at our phones, and complaining that we have no time for exercise?! Get up and join in. These classes are designed to challenge Youth 10-17 years and their parents if they accept the challenge…

Will you be adding more classes?

At present, Paul coaches all classes himself. This is a premium and exclusive offering. Our limited Magic Boxing classes foster a sense of belonging, commeraderie and team encouragement. We hope you can carve out this time for yourself and join the group. Please also feel free to send us a message to let us know what times you would like to see added to our schedule. Thank you.

Do you train fighters?

Competitive boxers are welcome. However, we do not have a boxing ring, heavy bags nor speed balls. We do not do sparring.

I have experience as a boxer. Would I learn anything?

Try us.

I have an injury that may limit my ability participate in all the activities in the class. Can I still come?

Yes. First, get the all-clear from your physician. Then, come along, do what you can, and our instructors will always provide alternative activities to keep you working.

I am a Senior. Can I still do a regular Magic Boxing class?

An emphatic yes. Our Classic (Over 60s) Magic Boxing Classes cater specifically to seniors. Participants can work at their own pace. Anyone above the age of 16 is welcome in our regular Magic Boxing Classes. We recommend starting with the Over 60s class first, or a Wednesday class.

Will every Magic Boxing session be the same?

Our classes are delivered in a reliable and consistent format. We always work hard on the fundamentals of boxing. That said, there is always something new to learn and we present skills in different ways – footwork, padwork, medicine ball, rings… Every week, every month, there’s an emphasis on learning different skills. Start by arriving 5 minutes before your class begins.

I am not fit. Will I be able to handle a 50 minute Magic Boxing class?

Our classes are designed so that every participant can work at their own pace. Everybody works at their own level, but our instructors will always encourage you and keep you motivated.

I play other sports regularly. What can I get from Magic Boxing?

Our mantra is Agility of Body and Mind. Fitness and general conditioning is one important part of that. Quick thinking and concentration is equally essential. We’re all about athleticism! We have reaction-time drills and agility drills. Drills to focus on rhythm, tempo, and coordination. Magic Boxing workouts will develop your fitness and your athletic capabilities.



Thanks for your interest in Magic Boxing, we look forward to hearing from you!

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    Magic Boxing offers elite-level boxing technique and conditioning, in a class format. Magic boxing classes are formulated by Australian Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist boxer Paul Miller, who has over twenty years experience as a boxing instructor, trainer and mentor. Magic Boxing is for anyone wanting to improve their fitness, balance, coordination and focus, while learning the art and science of boxing. Magic Boxing offers a safe and enjoyable environment and is suitable for all levels and ages.

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